Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrandData?

BrandData is a digital media ranking system for over 7,000 brands in Australia. BrandData ranks brands according to how engaging they are across their social web footprint and takes direct feeds from any social channel that has more than 2.5% of the worlds traffic for brands. Data is updated daily and ranks are derived based upon that direct data within each category - therefore there is no manipulated set of data - ranks are real, updated daily. Our team includes technology, strategy, creative, management and brand experts.

How do the rankings work?

The BrandData rank is calculated based on engagement events (direct feeds from social channels) every day and then compared against what is going on with all the other brands in that category or custom list. This generates a rank for each brand in that category. All data is organised into category lists that make it easy to compare one brand to another. Each engagement event is weighted according to importance.

This weighting system has been generated by an ongoing survey of brand managers, ensuring objectivity and relevance, and means that some events are weighted very low, while others are very high.

Some of the engagement events we monitor are listed below:

  • Likes to a brand’s Facebook page
  • Posts to a brand’s Facebook wall
  • Likes, comment and shares of posts, photos, videos or albums on a brands Facebook page
  • Answers to a question posted to a brands Facebook page
  • RSVP’s to an event on a brands Facebook page
  • Mentioning a brands Facebook page in a public post
  • Phototagging a brands Facebook page in a public photo
  • Liking or sharing a check-in deal for a brand’s Facebook pageosts to a brand’s Facebook wal
  • Checking in at a brands Facebook place

  • The Alexa traffic data rank for brand’s website
  • The Alexa 7-day reach rank for a brands website
  • The Alexa 7-day page views rank for a brands website

  • Posts to a brands Instagram channel
  • Followers of a brands Instagram channel
  • The number of users a brand’s Instagram channel is following
  • Comments on a brands Instagram channel posts
  • Favourites on a brands Instagram channel posts
  • Percentage of followers engaging with a brands Instagram channel

  • Statuses posted to a brands Twitter feed
  • Followers of a brands Twitter channel
  • Tweets mentioning a brands Twitter feed
  • Comments on a brands Instagram channel posts
  • Replies to statuses on a brands Twitter feed
  • Percentage of followers engaging with a brands Twitter channel

  • Number and frequency of videos posted to a brands YouTube account
  • Comments, favourites and ratings for videos posted to a brands YouTube account
  • View counts for videos posted to a brands YouTube account

Each channel is weighted according to the activity in that particular channel in that category every day. Engagement scores are then calculated to deliver a rank for that category for every brand.

If a brand registers less than .02% engagement for that channel, it will be given a zero but the rank will show based on previous scores and will be amongst the lowest ranks in the category. If a “—“ appears, it means we haven’t found a reliable feed for that brand in that channel.

Where website and facebook feeds are global addresses, BrandData filters and scores only those Australian events within that channel. The other social channels do not have this feature, however the majority are local feeds.

Please contact [email protected] if you have further questions or want to give us further information.

When are the rankings updated?

Rankings are updated every 12-24 hours.

Brand Questions

How can I add my brand to the listing?

Please visit our Suggest a Brand page to add your brand.

The channels for my brands are incorrect. How can I change or modify the feeds?

Please suggest a change and our team will make any amendments necessary.

We have multiple social sites for our brands. Which ones have been used in BrandData?

Channels are listed at the top of the Brand Report Card. If you would like to suggest a change please visit the suggest page.

Why doesn’t a common brand appear in my category?

Many common brands have several products under the same parent brand name. A lot of those ‘children’ of the ‘parent’ brand will not have their own web or social feeds.  If you can’t find the exact ‘parent child’ combination of a brand you’re looking for in the category you are in, try the parent brand name as they are most likely in the system but just not under the category in which you are currently looking.  Then add that brand to your custom list to see how it tracks against your brand.  We also ensure brands are categorised in one category only.  If your brand does not appear in the category listed, try the search function to see where it is categorised.  Create a custom list with this brand and others you want to compare.  If your brand still does not appear, use the ‘Suggest a Brand’ function and we will add it for you.

Why does my brand show a '-' for a channel?

If your brand is does not have a feed on a particular social channel, it will deliver a dash (-) in that column.

When I search for a brand, it shows me the Brand Report Page and not the rank. How do I get to the ranks for that product?

At the top of the brand report page you will see a brand ranking X out of XX brands in a specific category - just click on that highlighted category name and that will take you back to the rankings page for that category.

I don’t agree with the way my brand has been categorised. Can I change it please?

You are welcome to create your custom list to include your preferred ranking criteria.  The ranks within your own custom list will update in real time like any other category and will operate in exactly the same way with your alerts and other personalised attributes you have set up in your log in settings.

Why would my rank change in between category definitions? e.g. Weight Watchers is number 2 in services/beauty/health and fitness but number 3 in services/ beauty/health and fitness/weightloss

This is because the importance of the channels change according to what is in that category.

Using BrandData

When I search for a brand, it shows me the brand report page and not the rank. How do I get to the ranks for that brand?

You can go back to the ranks from the top bar which indicates where you are eg. Services/Professional/Recruitment/Seek.  Just click on Recruitment to go to the ranks for that category.

What do each of the lines mean on the graph on my brand report page?

Each line represents the rank of your brand in that channel on that date (range).  Each channel has a different colour and can be clicked on or off depending on what you are interested in seeing.

I want to see sentiment, or posts that have had an effect on my rank over time

We have a tailored service that offers this in conjunction with the BrandData product.  Please email us with your query at [email protected]

Account Questions

What do I get if I subscribe?

You get access to all the real insights in BrandData for those listings you have subscribed for - Brand Report Cards, Custom Lists, Compare Brands, Search functionality, alerts, newsletters, trends, reports and much more.

How do I cancel my BrandData subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time using the cancel link at the bottom of the My Account page.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer your question.