About BrandData

Discover, compare and understand your brand’s social hotness

BrandData is a strategy tool designed for business leaders, brand managers, marketing directors, agencies, bloggers and influencers.  Our goal is to help you to discover, compare and understand your brand’s social hotness.

We have ranked, tracked and indexed over 8,000 Australian brands, celebrities, bloggers and media outlets so you can observe, analyse and compare; top bloggers to magazines, celebrities to sporting stars or your brand to all of the above.

BrandData understands what influences your consumer and how your brand is performing against the competition. We publish rankings daily that show you the winners, the losers, and where your opportunities lie.

Find out who has more influence; Mamma Mia or Cleo magazine, NRL or AFL, Lara Bingle or Jennifer Hawkins, Coca-Cola or McDonalds.

Can’t find the brand you’re looking for? No problem, just add it yourself and we’ll start tracking it instantly.

We’ve done the hard yards for you, and delivered it in a plain, easy to understand language

  • Act on insights about your brand or your peers.
  • Compare yourself not only to category brands but any brand, individual or organisation.
  • Find partners to collaborate with and leverage their channels.
  • Locate where you need to improve your brands’ digital activity.
  • Understand what matters inside and outside your category.
  • Track how you are winning or losing against your chosen competitors.

Or simply find things you’re interested in - Top 10 food bloggers, top sports stars or hottest car brand.

The Partners

BrandData was founded, built and is managed by Georgie Summerhayes, Mentally Friendly and Bashful.